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  1. Hallo versucht doch mal den hier? Habt vieleicht schon ne mail geschickt- ?
    Versuchts halt mal und bitte auf dem laufenden halten:
    to leandro.carraf.
    Thank you for your response;
    We will be traveling through South America and will need to replace our tires.
    We will be one vehicle and are flexible as to which country we can change tires.(exchange will be on 5-6 of these tires)

    At this point in time we need to know if theses tires in the correct size can be purchased and fitted when we need them.
    If it is not possible we need to change plans according to tire brand available and purchase options.

    Thank you very much for your assistance and we look forward to hear from you shortly

    Kind regards

    Apr 21 (10 days ago)

    to me

    I´m the manager only for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay and sorry to say you that in these countries we do not have this tires sizes.
    But I can help you if you say me in which country you are now. I ´m in contact with the different manager of south America and I will ask them if they have it.

    Saludos Cordiales / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Atenciosamente / Kind Regards

    Leandro Carrafiele
    Sales Manager
    BU Commercial Specialty Tires
    Argentina, Uruguay y Paraguay.
    Continental Tires

    Av. del Libertador 16.882 – 1er Piso,
    (B1643CRN), Beccar, San Isidro, Pcia. de Bs As.
    Phone: +54 11 5554-3637
    Cel: +54 911 4073 8219


    Thomas & Jessie

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